Happy Homemaking 101-2

Super Spaghetti and Chicken Stew

      I said I would be back, and here I am!  Have you come up with some Staple Dinners? We had Super Spaghetti tonight! Sound interesting? Would you like the recipe? Only if you promise not to wrinkle your nose up when you see what makes it so super! Promise?  Alright…

Super Spaghetti

1 Jar Spaghetti sauce, whatever brand or flavor you like

1 Box Spaghetti

2 Cups Spinich, fresh (you could probably sub. canned or frozed, thawed…)

1 Can of Beans, whatever your preference, I normally use white navy peas

Prepare water and cook spaghetti as directed on package…Meanwhile, chop the spinich in a food processor, or blender. Add to a med saucepan with the spaghetti sauce. Now, puree the can of beans in the food processor or blender! Add beans to sauce. Heat. Cook spagetti, drain.  Top with sauce, sprinkle with parmesan, you have Super Spaghetti!  You cannot tell there are beans in there, really!  It is so good and good for you!  My kids love it! Serve with Texas Toast, or garlic bread, if you like.

Once you have come up with a plan for using your Staple Dinners, you need to figure out how many other nights there are that you need to plan meals for.  Consider what types of small appliances you have that can really save time and make your life easier if you put them to work for you.  Crockpot, quesadilla maker, electric skillet, waffle maker, microwave…

I LOVE cooking things in the crockpot! Cook things that you can make more than one meal out of.  I recently made a chicken roast.  I put 2 large packages of chicken in the crockpot, added carrots, potatoes and onions like I would a beef roast. Then I tossed in some yellow squash that I had in the freezer from the summer.  Poured a little water in, sprinkled with some salt, pepper and parsley and YUM! The next evening was a Staple Dinner evening so I stayed with that. The day after, I used the leftovers. I deboned and diced up the chicken first, then tossed it in a large pot along with all the veggies and broth leftover.  I added some rice and chicken broth and it was AMAZING! And there was so much stew, we couldn’t beging to eat it all, so I FROZE 2 large containers of it for an easy dinner to fix on a busy day!

     I think I will stop there for now…I will continue tomorrow night 🙂


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